Force USA MyRack Base Unit


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Sale price275.000 KD



*Delivery fee for all Heavy equipment is KD 30 for areas that are ahead of city limits. (All areas ahead of Ahmadi and Jahra)


  • 10 years for frames

The Force USA MyRack is a highly customizable power rack that allows you to build your own rack based on your specific training needs. Here are the key features and specifications of the MyRack:

  1. Customizable Design: The MyRack offers over 20 different options to choose from and over 100 rack variations, allowing you to create a personalized rack that suits your training requirements.

  2. Unique Features: The MyRack includes innovative features such as a monolift attachment, a lat pulldown seat with a knee holder, and a globe grip chin-up bar to improve grip strength. These features enhance the versatility of your training sessions.

  3. Strong and Safe Construction: The MyRack is manufactured using state-of-the-art fully automated laser cutting and robotic welding technology. Each production run undergoes rigorous testing to meet safety standards and weight ratings, ensuring a safe and high-quality power rack for your home or training facility.

  4. Extensive Attachment Options: With the MyRack, you have a wide range of attachment options to choose from, including different chin-up bars, J-Hooks, safeties, cable attachments, and more. This allows you to customize your rack to accommodate various exercises and training modalities. Some of the attachments available with us are: 

Specifications: The MyRack has the following specifications:
  • Footprint: 140cm (L) x 120cm (W) x 220cm (H)
  • Upright Size: 60mm x 60mm
  • Hole Diameter: 15mm

    The Force USA MyRack offers unparalleled customization options, durability, and safety features. By building your rack to suit your specific needs, you can create a training setup that optimizes your workouts and helps you achieve your fitness goals.


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