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The Force USA MyRack Deluxe J-Hook is a premium upgrade from the Standard J-Hook, designed specifically for the Force USA MyRack power rack. With enhanced strength and durability, this Deluxe version offers superior performance and safety features.

This particular attachment is for the Force USA MyRack ONLY.

Key Features:

  1. Increased Strength: The Deluxe J-Hook is built with a bulky and stronger design, providing added support and stability during heavy lifts. It is weight rated to an impressive 1200kg (static tested), ensuring it can handle intense training sessions.

  2. Full Nylon Coverage: Unlike the standard version, the Deluxe J-Hook features nylon covering the entire face of the J-Hook, offering enhanced protection for your barbell and reducing the risk of damage.

  3. Welded Support Bracket: To prioritize safety, the MyRack Deluxe J-Hook includes a welded support bracket beneath the J-Hook. This additional feature provides extra structural integrity and further safeguards your training sessions.

  4. State-of-the-Art Manufacturing: The Force USA MyRack is produced using cutting-edge automated laser cutting and robotic welding technology. This precision manufacturing process ensures consistent quality and adherence to rigorous safety standards.


  • Weight Rating: 1200 kg/2645 lbs (static tested)
  • J-Hook Pin Diameter: 15mm
  • Tubing Size: 60mm

Investing in the Force USA MyRack Deluxe J-Hook means investing in top-quality equipment for your training facility. With its robust construction, full nylon coverage, and welded support bracket, it provides an exceptional level of safety and durability. Trust the Force USA MyRack Deluxe J-Hook to enhance your lifting experience and deliver peace of mind during your workouts.

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