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SKLZ Barrel Roller - FirmMohammed AlAttar with SKLZ Barrel Roller
SKLZ SKLZ Barrel Roller - Firm
Sale price24.000 KD
Apus Sports Foam Roller GridApus Sports Foam Roller Grid
Apus Apus Sports Grid Foam Roller
Sale price15.000 KD
Trigger Point Grid STKTrigger Point Grid STK
Trigger Point Grid STK XTrigger Point Grid STK X
High density foam roller 90 x 15 cmHigh density foam roller 90 x 15 cm
Trigger Point Grid 2.0 Foam Roller - LongTrigger Point Grid 2.0 Foam Roller - Long
Trigger Point MBX Massage BallTrigger Point MBX Massage Ball
Trigger Point MB1 Massage BallTrigger Point MB1 Massage Ball
SKLZ Targeted Massage BallSKLZ Targeted Massage Ball
SKLZ SKLZ Targeted Massage Ball
Sale price12.000 KD
SKLZ Dual Point MassagerSKLZ Dual Point Massager
SKLZ SKLZ Dual Point Massager
Sale price10.000 KD
SKLZ Universal Massage RollerSKLZ Universal Massage Roller
SKLZ SKLZ Universal Massage Roller
Sale price16.000 KD
SKLZ Foot Massage BallSKLZ Foot Massage Ball
SKLZ SKLZ Foot Massage Ball
Sale price6.000 KD
Stress Management BallStress Management Ball
Cold Massage Roller BallCold Massage Roller Ball - Myofascial Tool with dimensions
Trigger Point Grid 1.0 Foam Roller - ShortTrigger Point Grid 1.0 Foam Roller - Short
TriggerPoint Grid X Extra Firm Foam Rollergrid-x-foam-roller-standing-vertical

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