Force USA MyRack Safety - Front Rack Half Safety


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The Force USA Front Rack Half Safety is an essential attachment for your Force USA MyRack, providing added safety and peace of mind during your training sessions. These easily adjustable spotting arms offer protection and support for your barbell, allowing you to push yourself to the limit with confidence.

This particular attachment is for the Force USA MyRack ONLY.

Key Features:

  1. Adjustable Spotting Arms: The Front Rack Half Safety features easily adjustable spotting arms that can be set at the desired height to provide instant support and protection during your lifts. This ensures that you can safely push your limits without the fear of injury or accidents.

  2. Nylon Covers: The spotting arms come with nylon covers that not only protect your barbell but also safeguard the knurling from damage. These interchangeable covers offer additional durability and longevity to your equipment.

  3. High Weight Rating: The Front Rack Half Safety is weight rated to support up to 450kg/1000 lbs, providing a sturdy and reliable safety system for heavy lifting.

  4. Compatibility and Stability: Designed specifically for the Force USA MyRack, this attachment fits securely on a 60mm x 60mm frame with a hole diameter of 15mm. For added stability, it is recommended to bolt the rack down to the ground when using the spotting arms on the front.


  • Weight Rating: 450 kg/1000 lbs

The Force USA MyRack is meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art laser cutting and robotic welding technology to ensure the highest level of precision and quality. Each production run undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent safety standards and weight ratings, guaranteeing a safe and reliable power rack for your training facility.

Enhance the safety of your training space with the Force USA Front Rack Half Safety, designed to perfectly integrate with your Force USA MyRack. Train with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable spotting system in place to support your lifts and protect you from potential accidents.

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