Force USA MyRack - Lat Pull Down Attachment


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This particular attachment is for the Force USA MyRack ONLY.

The Force USA MyRack Knee Holder is a valuable accessory for those who have incorporated the Lat Pulldown option into their MyRack setup. This attachment is designed to enhance the effectiveness and safety of lat pulldown exercises. Here's a closer look at its functionality and specifications:


  1. Enhanced Stability for Lat Pulldowns: The Knee Holder provides added stability, particularly crucial when performing lat pulldown exercises with heavier weights. By bracing your knees securely under the foam padding, it ensures a stable and secure position, reducing the risk of slipping or losing balance.

  2. Compatibility with MyRack System: This attachment is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the MyRack Pin & Pipe Safety system. Its compatibility ensures that it can be easily and securely attached to either side of the rack, facilitating a quick setup.

  3. Improved Workout Efficiency: By enabling a more stable and secure position, the Knee Holder allows you to focus more effectively on engaging the correct muscles during lat pulldowns. This can lead to improved workout efficiency and better results over time.

  4. Comfortable Use: The foam padding on the Knee Holder provides comfort, reducing the pressure on your knees during the exercise. This feature is particularly beneficial during longer or more intense workout sessions.


  • Weight: The Knee Holder weighs 6.0 kg, which is substantial enough to offer stability and durability, yet light enough for easy handling and adjustments.

The Force USA MyRack Knee Holder is an essential addition for anyone looking to optimize their lat pulldown exercises on the MyRack system. Its stability-enhancing design, compatibility with the MyRack setup, and comfort features make it a practical investment for enhancing safety and effectiveness in your strength training routine.

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