Force USA MyRack Chin Up Option 01 - Straight Bar


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This particular attachment is for the Force USA MyRack ONLY.

The Force USA MyRack Chin Up Option 01 - Straight Bar, also known as the MyRack Monkey Bars, is a versatile attachment designed exclusively for the Force USA MyRack system. This attachment is particularly suitable for those looking to enhance their upper body workout routine with a variety of chin-up and pull-up exercises. Here's an overview of its features and specifications:

Key Features:

  1. Compatibility: Specifically designed as an attachment for the Force USA MyRack system, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with the existing setup.

  2. Variety of Exercises: This chin-up option enables a range of exercises, including:

    • Standard Chin-ups
    • Pull-ups
    • Wide Grip Chin-ups
    • Neutral/Parrallet-Grip Chin-ups
    • Reverse-Grip Pull-up

    Additionally, it's perfect for kipping exercises, which are popular in functional fitness and CrossFit workouts.

  3. Dual Grip Options: The attachment includes two bars - one standard 32mm bar and one fat grip 50mm bar. The fat grip bar is particularly useful for increasing grip strength and adding a new level of challenge to your workouts.

  4. Adjustable Positioning: The two chin-up bars can be positioned at any of the precision laser-cut holes in the top crossbars of the MyRack, allowing for customizable grip width and workout intensity.

  5. Stable and Secure: The bars are bolted flush to the support brackets, ensuring that there is no movement during use. This stability is crucial for both safety and effectiveness, particularly under heavy loads or dynamic movements like kipping.


  • Weight Rating: The attachment has a static weight rating of 400 kg (880 lbs), indicating its strength and ability to support users of various sizes and weights.

The Force USA MyRack Chin Up Option 01 - Straight Bar is an excellent choice for those looking to expand the capabilities of their MyRack system. Its robust construction, versatile grip options, and high weight capacity make it an ideal addition for enhancing upper body strength and conditioning. Whether you are engaging in traditional chin-up and pull-up routines or exploring more advanced techniques like kipping, this attachment offers the flexibility and reliability needed for a comprehensive upper body workout.

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