Force USA MyRack Chin Up Option 04 - Hammer Strength Multi Grip Bar


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This particular attachment is for the Force USA MyRack ONLY.

The Force USA MyRack Chin Up Option 4, also known as the Hammerstrength Multi Grip Bar, is a versatile and robust attachment designed for the Force USA MyRack system. This particular option is engineered to enhance the variety and intensity of upper body workouts, specifically chin-up and pull-up exercises. Here are the key features and specifications:

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Grip Options: The Hammer Grip Chin Up Bar offers various grip positions, enabling a wide range of exercises. These include:

    • Standard Chin-ups
    • Pull-ups
    • Wide Grip Chin-ups
    • Neutral/Parrallet-Grip Chin-ups
    • Reverse-Grip Pull-ups
    • Semi-Supinated Pull-ups

    This variety allows for a comprehensive upper body workout, targeting different muscle groups and enhancing grip strength.

  2. Sturdy and Secure Design: The bar is bolted flush to the support brackets, ensuring no movement during use. This stability is crucial for safety, especially under heavy loads or during dynamic exercises.

  3. High Weight Capacity: With a static weight rating of 400 kg (880 lbs), the bar can accommodate heavy usage, making it suitable for users of all sizes and fitness levels.

  4. Quality Manufacturing: The MyRack system is renowned for being the only custom power rack manufactured using state-of-the-art fully automated laser cutting and robotic welding technology. This process ensures precision, quality, and durability.

  5. Safety and Quality Assurance: Each production run of the MyRack system is rigorously tested to meet stringent safety standards and weight ratings, ensuring that you receive a safe and high-quality product.


  • Weight Rating: The bar has a static weight rating of 400 kg (880 lbs).
  • Hole Diameter: Compatible with 15mm holes, allowing for easy installation and adjustment within the MyRack system.
  • Tubing Dimensions: The tubing measures 60mm x 60mm, providing a solid and durable framework.

The Force USA MyRack Chin Up Option 4 is an excellent addition to any home gym or professional training facility, especially for those looking to diversify their upper body strength training. Its multi-grip design, robust construction, and high weight capacity make it a versatile and reliable choice for enhancing your chin-up and pull-up routines.

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