Cold Massage Roller Ball - Myofascial Tool


5 KD

The Cold Massage Roller Ball combines the proven benefits of cryotherapy relief with massage ball recovery, preventing injury and allowing you to do more of what you love without pain or discomfort.

Product Details

  • 2 hours in the freezer = hours of cold relief
  • 3.15 in. diameter ball
  • Use on any part of the body
  • This treats: Shin Splints, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Tight or Fatigued Muscles

This can be used with Heat or Chilled

  • PLACE IN FREEZER FOR 2 HOURS: Remove from freezer, use on sore and injured muscles for hours of cold therapy relief
  • PERFECT FOR INJURIES: Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, Fatigued Muscles, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Hamstring, Shoulder Pain, Stress Relief and much more!
  • CONVENIENCE: No more freezing ice cups for post workouts to only have it melt and create a mess. Stays cold for up to 6 hours! Professional Rehab's Cold Roller Ball makes hard to reach areas easily accessible and applies with ease.
  • REDUCES INFLAMMATION AND SWELLING: Our mixture of cryotherapy and massage techniques are proven to reduce swelling and inflammation

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