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Is working out and lots of physical activity a part of your daily routine that you haven’t been able to follow because of the pandemic? Let’s get real, even though we are not legally bound to be self-quarantined, the virus still exists and is spreading like fire. However, Let us perceive this practice of social distancing or self-quarantine as a new opportunity of being more independent.

We recommend 5 ways you can indulge your body to move while social distancing.

Play a safe sport

Sports are a great way to move your body but most require an outdoor environment with lots of human interaction. However, some sports are fun and can be played while keeping maintaining the required distance.


Darts - Dartboard Kuwait - Dart Pins - Sports Shop

Most of us are ignorant about the health benefits of playing darts. It doesn’t require running but surely contributes towards overall health.


  • Great workout for the arm as throwing darts with the right amount of force is key
  • Requires you to walk to the dartboard to get the pins back
  • Can be played alone (or with friends, provided, they are wearing gloves and mask for protection)
  • Regular practice can improve coordination of the hand and eye
  • Keeps the brain active as it requires calculating scores to finish the game
  • Relives stress as the concentration needed to play this game distracts your mind from all the negative thoughts
  • Practicing regularly can help gain control over muscles and improve posture

Although playing darts might not be as intense as your usual workout, but it certainly helps your physical and mental body to stay active. All you require is a dartboard, some dart pins, and lots of concentration to eventually be a pro!


Badminton - Badminton Racket - Shuttlecock - Sports Shop - Pro Sports Kuwait

This sport is super fun and easy to play. It requires running, jumping, and bending which uses almost all the muscle groups of the body. We are all aware of the physical benefits, however, playing badminton also has mental and emotional benefits.


  • Great cardio workout
  • Helps you think strategically as you have to plan each shot
  • Helps improve your breathing capacity
  • Rackets are lightweight
  • Improves flexibility and strength
  • Helps in improving lung capacity
  • Relieves stress

Badminton can be played indoors or outdoors, however, it is extremely important to wear gloves as we use a single shuttlecock amongst 2 – 4 players. It is great to be played during the social distancing period as it doesn’t require close human interaction and is considered safe if played while taking proper precautions.

Take a walk

Walking - Fitness - Active - Sports Shop - Pro Sports Kuwait

We often underestimate the benefits of walking. No, it doesn’t help you reach certain body toning goals that require specific exercises, but if you are not into exercising, then just walk. Make sure the shoes you wear are not very cushioned, they might seem comfortable but could be harmful in the long run. Experts recommend barefoot walking as it engages your muscles even better. Moreover, it improves your balance, helps to avoid bunions, and relieves pain. Shoes like Skinners and Vibram provide great barefoot walking experience without literally being barefoot!

Some benefits of walking

  • Can be done alone
  • Keeps you active
  • Great cardio workout
  • Might help in losing some weight
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Reduces stress

Build your gym at home

Fitness Equipment - Home Gym - Build Home Gym - Sports Shop - Pro Sports Kuwait

You might be one of those who are habituated to an intense workout, if you have extra space at home, then go ahead and invest in building your personal gym. Get your hands on some nice flooring, kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance cables, and a pull up bar. If you have more space, get some cardio equipment and strength equipment too, and voila! Your personal fitness club is ready so you can work out at your convenience without having to leave your house.

Workout without any equipment

Workout - Exercise - Fitness - Sports Shop - Pro Sports Kuwait

Don’t have the room or budget to build your own gym? That’s okay because you can still stay fit and physically active without using any equipment at all. There are plenty of easy exercises like -:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Inchworms
  • Planks
  • Crunches

Include these simple exercises in your fitness routine as they make a great cardio, legs, butt, and core workout. And the best part is, you don’t require any expensive gym membership or equipment, just put on some music and spend a minimum of 30 minutes working out.

Do your home chores

Quarantine - Home Work - Sports Shop - Pro Sports Kuwait

Indulge yourself in doing your home chores as that adds up to your physical activity. It doesn’t require meeting other people, makes you independent, and gets your mental and physical muscles to work. Home chores like vacuuming, making your bed regularly, washing dishes and doing the laundry helps workout your core, arms, and legs as it involves most of your body muscle groups.


You now know exactly what to do to keep yourself physically active while maintaining social distance. We are bound to stay socially distant which is refraining us from following our usual routine, however, there are still so many other alternatives for us to consider. Social distancing has become a crucial part of our lifestyle, so let’s embrace it and stick to activities that fit in the parameter.

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