Ziva Signature Steel Competition Kettlebell - 12 kg


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The ZIVA Signature Steel Competition Kettlebells are premium kettlebells designed to meet the highest standards of quality and design in functional fitness equipment. They were created in collaboration with kettlebell authority Steve Cotter and are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and functionality. Here are the key features of these kettlebells:

  • Designed with Kettlebell Authority Steve Cotter: These kettlebells have been designed with input from Steve Cotter, an expert in kettlebell training. His expertise ensures that these kettlebells meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

  • Standard International Competition Dimensions: The kettlebells adhere to standard international competition dimensions, making them suitable for a wide range of training routines and competitions.

  • Hard-Wearing Crack-Resistant Powder Surface Coating: The kettlebells feature a hard-wearing powder surface coating that resists cracks and damage. This ensures their longevity and durability even under intense use. Additionally, the textured surface of the kettlebells holds chalk effectively, providing an enhanced grip for extended performance.

  • 34mm Diameter Handle: The kettlebells are equipped with a 34mm diameter handle, designed for a comfortable and secure grip during various exercises.

These ZIVA Signature Steel Competition Kettlebells not only deliver exceptional performance but also possess a visually appealing design. They are ideal for users who are serious about kettlebell training and want equipment that reflects their commitment to fitness and quality. Whether you're a seasoned kettlebell enthusiast or just starting with kettlebell workouts, these kettlebells are designed to meet your needs and elevate your training experience.

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