Stick Mobility Bar - 7 ft

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Stick Mobility Singles allow you to add to your current assortment or create your own personalized bundle.

Stick Mobility is intended to help users increase their fitness, strength, mobility, muscle activation, movement, and range of motion.  It can also lead to faster rehabilitation due to injury. The stick is used in conjunction with classes and exercises that utilize the flexibility and strength of the rod to propel your body into peak fitness.

Ideally, the 7-foot Mobility Stick and the 5-foot Mini Mobility Stick are sized for people who are taller than 6”.  We recommend the 6-foot and 4-foot Mobility Sticks for those under 6” tall.

The use of more than one stick is both a regression and progression aspect of our system. Stability work can be challenging for some people, two sticks allow for that added stability so that the body and the central nervous system can learn to adapt to the new stimulus.

Some exercises and stretches test contralateral and ipsilateral patterns which require the use of more than one stick. Multi-directional stretching is a facet of Stick Mobility. Some moves involve rotating the trunk in the transverse plane and pushing the arms in opposite directions to allow for an optimal range of motion. Stretches and movements may also involve hanging, twisting, pushing, and pulling in opposing directions to reach maximal ranges. The double ‘Monkey Hang’ is a perfect example of why two sticks can be more beneficial than one in some cases.

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