Force USA Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plate - 1.25 kg Pair


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Force USA Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plates are specifically designed for everyday gym use, featuring an easy-to-use tri-grip design. Whether you're training on a smith machine, power cage, squat racks, or engaging in other free weight exercises, these plates offer effortless plate changes with their ergonomic, tri-grip handles, ensuring safer and more efficient workouts.

With their sleek dark grey finish and large lb and kg sizing display, the Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plates are not only functional but also visually appealing. Designed in the USA with ergonomics in mind, these plates are easy and safe to handle.

Crafted using one-piece forged construction, these weight plates deliver exceptional safety, quality, and peace of mind. They hold a 'Class A' international rating for both commercial fitness clubs and home use, guaranteeing the highest standards of performance.

Here are some key advantages of rubber coated weight plates over hammertone or cast iron alternatives:

  1. Noise Reduction: The rubber coating helps minimize noise during workouts, creating a quieter gym environment.
  2. Floor and Equipment Protection: The rubber coating acts as a protective layer, safeguarding the floor and other equipment from damage.
  3. Rust Resistance: The rubber coating provides an additional barrier against rust, enhancing the longevity of the weight plates.

With Force USA Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plates, you can confidently perform squats, bench presses, and various free-weight exercises effectively, efficiently, and safely. These weight plates are available in both pounds and kilograms, offering a wide range of sizes to suit different training needs:

  • 1.25 kg = 2.7 lb
  • Diameter: 17 cm
  • Thickness: 2 cm

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