Force USA Pro Grade Competition Kettlebell - 24 kg

Force USASKU: PGK-24

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The Force USA Pro Grade Competition Kettlebell is a high-quality kettlebell designed for international kettlebell competitions. Here are the key features of the 12 kg Pro Grade Kettlebell:

Steel Construction: Unlike traditional kettlebells made of cast iron, the Pro Grade Kettlebell is made from steel. This steel construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a kettlebell that will last a lifetime.

Uniform Size: Pro Grade Kettlebells maintain a consistent size regardless of the weight. Unlike traditional kettlebells that increase in size as the weight increases, Pro Grade Kettlebells have the same dimensions. This uniform size allows you to maintain consistent technique as you progress to higher weights.

Slimmer Handle: The handle of the Pro Grade Kettlebell is designed to be slimmer than traditional kettlebells. This feature prevents lateral slipping and helps minimize fatigue during high-repetition sets. The slimmer handle provides a more comfortable grip and allows for better control during exercises.

Improved Ballistic Abilities: Pro Grade Kettlebells have a larger mass in the ball of the bell compared to traditional kettlebells. This design feature enhances the kettlebell's ballistic abilities, allowing for smoother and more natural movement and rotation during exercises.

The Force USA Pro Grade Competition Kettlebell is a reliable and durable choice for those looking to train with a high-quality kettlebell. Its steel construction, uniform size, slim handle, and improved ballistic abilities make it a suitable option for international kettlebell competitions or anyone seeking a high-performance kettlebell for their workouts.

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