Fila Skates Roller Skates Ace - White/Blue/Red

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Size: 39
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The Fila Skates Roller Skates Ace in White/Blue/Red are designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable skating experience.


Here are the key features of these roller skates:

Chassis: The skates feature a composite chassis, which offers a balance of durability and lightweight performance. The composite construction provides stability and control while skating.

Closure: The Ace roller skates use laces as the closure system. Laces allow for a customizable and secure fit, ensuring that the skates stay comfortably in place during use.

Shoe Features: The skates have a soft and comfortable structure with a reinforced synthetic outer material. This design provides support and durability, making the skates suitable for various skating activities. The reinforced synthetic outer ensures the skates can withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance.

Wheels: The Ace roller skates are equipped with Fila 58mm x 32mm/80A casted PU wheels. These wheels offer a good balance of grip and maneuverability, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor skating.

Bearings: The skates feature ABEC 7 bearings, which provide smooth rolling and efficient performance. The high-quality bearings contribute to a smooth and enjoyable skating experience.

Truck: The trucks of the roller skates are made of aluminum, which provides durability and stability. The aluminum trucks offer precise control and allow for smooth turns and maneuvers while skating.

Brake: The skates have an injected PU brake, which provides reliable stopping power when needed. The brake is designed to be durable and effective, allowing skaters to have better control over their movements.

Cushion: The skates feature casted PU cushions, which provide shock absorption and enhance overall comfort while skating. The cushions help absorb impact and provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

Size Range: The Ace roller skates are available in a size range of 36 to 45. They come in full sizes only, accommodating various foot sizes.

Lining: The skates have a synthetic fabric lining with anatomical ankle padding. This lining provides additional comfort and support to the skater's feet, ensuring a snug and secure fit while reducing friction and discomfort.

The Fila Skates Roller Skates Ace in White/Blue/Red are designed for recreational and casual skating. With their comfortable structure, quality components, and adjustable closure system, these roller skates offer a smooth and enjoyable skating experience for skaters of different skill levels.

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