Fila Skates Inline Skates NRK Junior Girl - Black/Violet/Pink

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Size: S 31
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The Fila Skates Inline Skates NRK Junior Girl in Black/Violet/Pink are designed specifically for young female skaters.


Here are the key features of these inline skates:

Chassis: The skates feature an extruded aluminum frame with a 4-wheel configuration. The frame length is 219mm for EU sizes 28-31 and 231mm for EU sizes 32-35 and 36-39. The frontal lateral adjustment allows for precise positioning of the wheels.

Shell: The shell is made of composite material, offering a combination of durability and support for young skaters.

Instep Band: The skates are equipped with an instep band that features an aluminum buckle. This provides a secure closure and allows for easy adjustment to achieve a customized fit.

Cuff: The skates have a high-cut cuff design, providing additional support and stability for the ankles.

Shoe Features: The inline skates offer a sporty fit and feature preformed padding for added comfort. The heel is equipped with a shock absorber, helping to reduce impact and enhance overall comfort.

Wheels: The wheels used in these skates are FILA Urban wheels. For EU sizes 28-31, the wheels have a diameter of 72mm and a hardness of 85A. For EU sizes 32-35 and 36-39, the wheels have a diameter of 76mm and a hardness of 85A. These wheels provide a good balance of maneuverability and stability.

Bearings: The skates come with ABEC 7 bearings, which offer smooth rolling and efficient performance.

Hardware: The axles are made of metal, providing durability and stability. The skates also feature aluminum spacers, which help to reduce friction and enhance the overall skating experience. The TPR brake pad offers reliable stopping power.

Size Range: The skates are available in three size ranges: S (EU 28-31), M (EU 32-35), and L (EU 36-39), ensuring a proper fit for young skaters as they grow.

The Fila Skates Inline Skates NRK Junior Girl prioritize comfort, support, and performance for young female skaters. With features like the sporty fit, preformed padding, and shock absorber, these skates are designed to provide a pleasant skating experience while ensuring proper support and protection.

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