BH Fitness Tactiletonic Pro Vibration Massager G225

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The BH Fitness G225 Massager is a highly beneficial piece of equipment designed to enhance your pre and post-exercise routine. It is specifically engineered to address stiff muscles, promote increased blood circulation, and provide relief for overloaded muscles and painful joints.

Key Features:

  1. Improved Blood Circulation: The G225 Massager utilizes a relaxing massage technique to improve blood circulation throughout your body. This enhanced circulation can help reduce muscle tension and promote overall relaxation.

  2. Relaxation for Muscles and Joints: Whether used before or after exercising, this massager is effective in relaxing overloaded muscles and soothing sore joints. It helps relieve muscle stiffness and discomfort, allowing you to recover more efficiently.

  3. Contemporary Design: The G225 Massager boasts a contemporary and exclusive design, featuring a plexiglass platform. With its stylish appearance, it will complement the aesthetics of any home.

  4. Multiple Massage Bands: Equipped with three massage and relax bands, this device offers versatility in providing different types of massages to various parts of the body. You can target specific areas that require attention and customize your massage experience.

  5. Adjustable Speed Motor: Personalize your massage session with the G225's six-speed motor. This feature allows you to control the intensity and speed of the massage, tailoring it to your preferences and needs.

The BH Fitness G225 Massager is a reliable and effective tool to incorporate into your fitness routine. By promoting blood circulation, relaxing muscles, and offering customizable massages, it aids in the prevention of muscle stiffness and discomfort, contributing to your overall well-being.


  • Belt massage machine: Helps to relax stiff muscles and sore joints. Ideal both before and after exercising. Aids increased blood circulation
  • Six speed motor: Offers controlled massage settings based on the user and application area
  • 3 massage and relax bands: Designed to provide various types of massage to different parts of the body, aimed at reducing cellulitis on the thighs and hips, firming the buttocks, relaxing back and shoulder muscles, removing fat from the abdominal area, etc.
  • Plexiglass platform and advanced: Stable structure. Modern, attractive design for the home
  • Fully enclosed and top quality materials: Smooth, quiet operation
  • Motor: 6 Speed
  • Bands: 3 massage and relax bands
  • Platform: Plexiglass
  • Dimensions: (L) 70cm x (W) 40cm x (H) 108cm
  • Product Weight: 35 lbs / 15.9 kg
  • Max User Weight: 100 kg

About BH Fitness

BH Fitness is a Spanish Brand present in more than 85 countries thanks to its dealers. The industrial adventure of BH starts in 1909 from the genius and entrepreneur spirit of three brothers. That was the birth of one of cycling icons and one of the most consolidated brands amongst bikes manufacturers. 

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