1441 Fitness Pro Grip Slam Ball - 2 kg

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Build explosive strength and power with this no-bounce weighted slam ball

The 1441 Fitness Pro Grip Slam Ball is a powerful tool designed to help you build explosive strength and power through weighted slamming exercises. Unlike traditional bounce balls, this slam ball is specifically crafted to have no bounce, allowing you to perform high-intensity movements without worrying about it rolling away.

Key Features:

  • Quality manufacturing with durable materials: This slam ball is built to last, made with high-quality materials that can withstand intense usage and repeated slamming exercises.
  • Weighted with sand to prevent bouncing or rolling: The ball is filled with sand, providing the necessary weight to eliminate bounce and roll. This feature ensures stability during your workouts, allowing you to maintain control and focus on your movements.
  • Designed for intense usage: The Pro Grip Slam Ball is designed to handle high-intensity training, making it suitable for demanding workouts that involve repeated and powerful slamming movements.
  • Excellent addition to all-over-body high-density workouts: Whether you're engaging in cross-fit, core strength, circuit, or functional training, this slam ball is a versatile tool that can enhance a wide range of exercises and workouts.
  • Textured surface for easy grip: The slam ball features a textured surface, providing a secure grip and maximum control during your movements. This helps to prevent slippage and ensures a firm grasp for optimal performance.
  • PVC construction for easy cleaning: The ball is constructed with highly durable PVC, which is easy to wipe down and keep clean. This makes it ideal for use in highly-trafficked areas, such as gyms, classes, boot camps, or boxing studios.

With its durable construction, no-bounce design, easy grip, and easy-to-clean surface, the 1441 Fitness Pro Grip Slam Ball is a reliable and versatile tool for adding intensity to your workouts and improving your overall fitness.

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