1441 Fitness Hex Dumbbells - 42.5 kg Pair

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Achieve your fitness goals with 1441 Fitness Hex Dumbbells. Designed with a high-quality hexagonal shape, these dumbbells stay put and won't roll away during your workouts. The pinned cast iron rubber encased heads provide a quiet and damage-resistant solution for floor exercises, making your workouts more enjoyable. Suitable for both home and light commercial use, these dumbbells offer versatility for toning muscles, improving strength, and performing various drills and exercises.

With their durable construction and comfortable ergonomically contoured handles, these dumbbells are built to last and provide a secure grip for efficient workouts. Elevate your fitness routine with these exceptional workout tools.


  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Built to last: These dumbbells are tough and durable, ensuring they can withstand rigorous workouts over time.

  • Hexagonal design: The unique hexagonal shape prevents the dumbbells from rolling away, providing stability and safety during exercises.

  • Ergonomic handle: Made from solid steel with a chrome-plated finish, the handle is designed for comfort and a secure grip with its contoured and knurled design.

  • Long-lasting durability: The pinned heads ensure that the dumbbells remain sturdy and reliable, even with regular use.

  • Rubber-coated cast iron heads: The heads are coated in high-grade rubber, offering enhanced durability and protection for both the dumbbells and the workout surface.

  • Easy to clean: Maintenance is hassle-free, as these dumbbells are easy to clean and maintain their quality appearance.

  • Versatile usage: Suitable for both domestic and light commercial settings, these dumbbells cater to a wide range of users and fitness environments.

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