1441 Fitness Black Rubber Bumper Plates - 5 kg

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Sale price20.000 KD


The 1441 Fitness Black Rubber Bumper Plates, weighing 5 kg, is an excellent addition to your Olympic weightlifting routine. These bumper plates are specifically designed to enhance core strength and promote joint integrity while increasing muscle endurance. With their premium quality rubber construction, they also serve to protect the floor from any potential damage during your workouts. These plates are ideal for progressive development, allowing you to gradually increase the load and customize your training according to your specific goals.


  • Includes a pair of 10 kg black bumper plates
  • Constructed with rubber material to prevent damage to floors, even when dropped.
  • Suitable for strength training and Olympic lifting exercises.
  • Made with high-quality rubber and a strong steel insert for exceptional durability.
  • Offers a very low bounce when dropped, ensuring safe and controlled lifting.
  • Designed to be highly durable and withstand heavy use over time.
  • Provides a quieter lifting experience compared to traditional steel plates.

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