1441 Fitness 7 ft Black Olympic Barbell with Spring Collars - 20 Kg

1441 FitnessSKU: PSAE-PRS-031086BBAR

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The 7 ft Black Olympic Barbell with Collars weighing 20 Kg is a high-quality fitness accessory suitable for a variety of workout routines. The black oxide finish not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also protects the barbell against rusting, chipping, scarring, and peeling.

  • The collars have threaded ends to keep the weight plates securely in place.
  • This barbell can assist with various workout routines in building muscle mass.
  • The 1.2 mm pattern on the bar ensures that it won't shred your hands.
  • The barbell is both rigid and flexible, providing a balance that minimizes the risk of injury during workouts.


  • Weight Capacity is 450 Kg / 1000 LBS

  • 7 feet length - 213 cm

  • 20 kg weight

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