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Fitness is important, but is going to the gym everyday too boring for you?

The good news is, fitness can be fun too. How? When it is done in the form of playing Racket sports.

It is proven that playing a racket sports couple of times a week can reduce blood pressure and reduce risk of heart problems. It even helps increase speed, improves strength and strengthens the muscles. Moreover, it also improves mental fitness.

And no, they don’t have to be played in the heat outdoors. Continue reading for 5 racket sports that will keep the momentum when you don’t feel like going to the gym.

Table Tennis 

Walking on the treadmill burns calories, but here’s a sport to burn calories the “fun way”. It also improves balance, keeps your brain sharp, and improves hand eye coordination. 

It is a great aerobic workout for your entire body with almost NO risk of injury. It is a perfect replacement to your regular workout.

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Weight Loss is certainly not an easy journey, and some days you don’t feel like doing the regular workout. Just play badminton instead. 

Badminton involves lots of physical activity which puts every muscle to use that burns the fat in your body and contributes to your weight loss journey.

Moreover, It even takes care of your cardio health and improves your concentration.

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Fitness isn’t just a necessity for adults, it is a necessity for all ages. That’s where padel comes in. A sport that can be played by almost all ages. 

Not only does it improve the hand-eye coordination, it even tones the leg muscles.

It also improves social skills, as this game usually is ‌played in teams. The weather conditions might be unfavorable to play this outdoors, but the good news is, Kuwait has 200+ indoor Padel courts so you can enjoy this sport any time of the year.

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Squash is considered one of the healthiest sports to play. It can only be played indoors you so it can played any time of the year. It helps with improving strength, balance and agility. 

Playing squash targets all the major muscles like back muscles and arm muscles and results in a full body workout. It is definitely a high intensity workout, which means a warm up is required before playing this sport in order to avoid injuries.

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Tennis is another sport that you can play for an intense workout. It gets your heart pumping and puts other body muscles to work. 

It even improves metabolic function and increases bone density. Other benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, toning muscles and improving flexibility.

A warm up is required before playing this in order to avoid injuries.

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Now you know how these 5 racket games can keep you fit mentally and physically for the days you don’t feel like working out. Ready to play? 

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