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Do you keep hearing the sport “Padel” as the talk of the town but not sure what the hype is all about?

Then this blog is absolutely for you!

Keep reading to understand what this sport is all about and the equipment used in it. 


What is Padel

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Padel is a sport that is similar to Tennis and Squash but more FUN. It is easier to learn for all ages, be it men, women or even teens as the concept is super easy to grasp.


It is played as doubles in a court which is approximately 25% smaller than a tennis court. We do not win Padel using strength and technique like in tennis. It's more about using the right strategy to get victory in this one. One of the biggest differences is that the height of the ball must be below waist level while serving.

Just like tennis, Padel is played on a pitch that is divided by a net, the difference being that in Padel, the player also uses the walls, as in squash. A regular Padel pitch is 10 x 20 m and is surrounded by walls. On this type of pitch, games are always played in doubles. Padel can also be played in singles on a narrower pitch (6 x 20 m).


Padel in Kuwait & other GCC

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About 4000 people in Kuwait have already started playing Padel because of how easy it is to play and does not need as much physical effort as needed in Tennis. It is also very safe, as it is highly unlikely that you’ll get injured while playing this sport.


There are about 150 Padel courts here in Kuwait for men and women to enjoy this sport. Kuwait even has national Padel teams of men and women.


Padel is not a seasonal sport and can be played all year long. It is even getting popular in other GCC countries like UAE and Qatar.


Padel Equipment

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Padel is a simple sport that does not require multiple accessories. In principle, it requires a partner, two rackets and a ball. A Padel racket is made of a composite material and the playing surface is covered in small holes. As a result, the strokes are less powerful and dynamic. The ball used is a low compression tennis ball. The racket is made of fibre glass which makes it harder to get that spin as Padel is more about using the right tactics instead of using power and effort like in tennis. The racket will last you a few months if you are a regular, but a careful player,


Padel rackets come in three different shapes: round, drop-shaped and diamond-shaped. Since it offers the best control, the round Padel racket is considered to be the most suitable for the majority of players, from beginner to competition level.

The scoring rules are more or less a combination of tennis and squash with minor differences.



We have covered most things you need to know about Padel Sport in this blog. The sport is fun, addictive and easy to play. It is not weather specific and can be played all year long. It is great to take up as a hobby and even for social interactions.

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