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Exercising makes you sore, gives you injuries and does not show results? We totally get you. Most people who workout using dumbbells are doing it all wrong. This prevents them from getting the desired results or sometimes even causes injury. 

Wondering what could be the problem? Keep reading to find out mistakes you might be making with dumbbell workouts and how you can fix it.

You’re not picking them up properly

Before you even start exercising , you might be prone to getting injured. That happens if you don’t consider the way you lift your dumbbells from the ground.

The rule of thumb of picking them up the right way is by squat.

That means bending your knees instead of your back and sitting the hips back to reach your dumbbells. 

You hold dumbbells with bent wrists

Do you feel pain on your wrists when you workout with dumbbells?

That could be because you are bending your wrists while holding the dumbbells which causes a massive amount of strain on your wrists.

You can fix this by correcting your workout form. Make sure your wrist and hands are in line with your forearms at all times.No matter what dumbbell exercise you do, keep reminding yourself to keep those wrists straight.

You are lifting very heavy weights


How would you know the ideal weight? If you have to use momentum to lift weights then it’s a sign that the dumbbells you are using are very heavy for you. Whenever you use momentum to lift, it is not making the muscles work for it which will not increase your muscle strength. 

The way to fix this is by starting with lighter dumbbells slowly building the strength you know for lifting heavier weights

You don't engage your core

Workouts can cause lower back pain if not done in the right posture. So here is what can be done to avoid those pains 

All you have to do is remember to keep your abs tight every time you workout. This will help avoid arching and your body will end up relying on shoulders while lifting.

Engaging your core like that will also help avoid risk of injuries.

You’re not thinking about where you hold them

The level you are holding your dumbbells depends on the goals you want to achieve with it. For example, If you are holding the dumbbells on the side while squatting you will end up working on your legs and glutes. Whereas, holding them by your chest, it will work on your core muscles. Holding them up onto the shoulders will workout your upper body. Remember, the higher you hold the dumbbells, the harder it is.

The only way to determine is to start from holding them on the side and slowly work your way up as your muscles get stronger.


Now you know exactly what needs to be done to avoid injuries and have a better workout experience. Want to increase the dumbbells weight variety in your collection? Click here to shop now


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