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What do you need for a full-body workout to build muscles or reach any of your fitness goals? A membership at an expensive gym? Well, yes, you could do that, but you also have an alternative. A multi-gym is a perfect addition to your gym at home, considering you have the space to fit it in. It is important to work the upper body and the lower body to maintain a figure or grow your muscles, even if your goals are focused on just one of them. After reading this post, you'll know exactly why, in what circumstances you should have a multi gym and how you can use it for a full-body workout.

You should buy a multi gym if,

  • You don’t have the time to go to a gym
  • You have enough space to fit it in your gym at home 
  • You don’t want to pay the gym membership every month (multi-gym is a 1-time investment)
  • You prefer working out privately at your convenience

    Multi-Gym Workout

    A multi-gym is an “all in one” fitness equipment that comprises different gym equipment for a complete body workout. Here are some workouts that you can do to exercise your entire body.

    Lat Pull Downs


    Pull-ups are great for working out the upper body, but they are extremely hard to perform. Fortunately, lat pull downs can be a substitute for pull-ups as it involves similar movement, challenging your upper and mid-back muscle, which will eventually help grow your muscles.

    Here’s how it’s done

    • Hold the bar wide, roughly creating a 45 degrees angle
    • Make sure you are holding the bar tight
    • Sit with your feet flat on the ground
    • Hold the abs tight for maximum results 
    • Tilt your chin back, and bring down the lat bar to the collar bone without bending your wrist
    • Elbow should be next to the ribs
    • Control the bar while it's going back up. Don’t let gravity do your job.

    Lat pull-downs are versatile as you can adjust the weights according to your convenience and now you even know how to do them correctly!

    Chest press


    Chest presses are great for building upper body strength as it uses a range of different muscles.

    Here’s how it's done 

    • Put your feet down firmly on the ground
    • Extend your arms outward to a full extension while breathing out 
    • Inhale while you come in 
    • Make sure you keep the wrist straight while holding it. Do not bend your wrist 

    Include this exercise at least 2-3 times a week to see desired results.

    Leg Extensions


    Since our legs contain the biggest muscle group in the body, it is very important to workout the legs regularly. Leg extensions strengthen lower body muscles and are ideal for both beginners and advanced level workouts. You will need to add weights to increase the difficulty level.

    Here’s how it’s done

    • Sit back on the bench while holding the side of the seat
    • Tuck your legs under the padded bars, just above the ankles 
    • Slowly extend your legs straight in the front while breathing out
    • Make sure you don’t lock your knees
    • Slowly bring your legs back to the original position while inhaling.

    Using too much weight can lead to serious injuries as it might strain your knees. Instead of increasing the weight every time, try doing more reps at a decent weight.


    There you have it! 3 exercises focusing on growing and strengthening your upper and lower body muscles. Of course, working out on the multi gym is not limited to these exercises. Feel free to do your variations and achieve your fitness goals right at your home. Click here to buy your multi gym.

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