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Want to have a Pro gym style workout at home?

Then the BH fitness L480 Multistation is the right one for you. The commercial grade equipment is perfect for beginners and includes advanced features for higher intensity workout as well, right within your own space. Read ahead to know the advanced features it has to give you a full-body workout. 


This machine is a perfect for 

  • Commercial Clubs
  • Military
  • Fire Departments
  • Police Departments
  • Hospitality and Hotel Gyms
  • Corporate/Office Gyms
  • Apartment Gyms

Multiple users

Are you one of those who needs a companion while working out? No problem! The BH fitness Multi station L480 accommodates up to 4 people. No more excuses for not working out, get your family, or some friends to workout with you for motivation and accountability 

Exercise variety

How often can you do the same set of exercises over and over again? Boring! This machine allows you to perform 50 different exercises for your arms, legs and overall body. 

Adjustable thigh pads 

Your friends or family won’t be the same build or height as you, are they?  The adjustable thigh pad offers a personalized fit and stabilizes the body during exercising. Feel free to workout here irrespective of your height or build.

Other features 

Features are not limited to the above mentioned. Other features include

  • 4 Stations:
    • Double pulley low row
    • Double pulley lat pulldown
    • Tricep pushdown
    • Adjustable cable column
  • Iso-Lateral movement
  • Injected core molded upholstery on 3 stations
  • Yellow highlighted adjustment handle pin
  • 4 graduated color coded 200 lb. steel weight stacks with magnetic weight pins
  • Accessory holders included
  • Pulley wheel covers
  • Heavy gauge oval frame
  • Protective seat back cover

Here you read about some basic and advanced features of the BH fitness L480 Multistation. This will be your sole investment for your personal gym. Click here to get more specifications of the multistation.

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