Sveltus Soft Kettlebell - 6 Kg

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The Sveltus Soft Kettlebell, weighing 6 kg, is a versatile fitness tool designed to enhance your strength and endurance while offering a safe and convenient workout experience. Here are the key details about this kettlebell:

Strength and Endurance: This kettlebell is a valuable addition to your fitness routine, enabling you to target both upper and lower body muscles. Its design supports various exercises that can help improve your overall strength and endurance.

Safe and Floor-Friendly: The kettlebell is covered with a cotton fabric featuring a stylish camouflage pattern. It's weighted with sand, which not only provides a stable and balanced feel but also ensures that your floors remain undamaged if the kettlebell is dropped during your workouts.

Reduced Injury Risk: One of the standout features of this kettlebell is its flexibility. This flexibility helps minimize the risk of injury, making it a safer choice for your workouts.

Perfect for All Environments: The Sveltus Soft Kettlebell is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Whether you prefer working out in your living room or enjoying the fresh air in your garden, this kettlebell is versatile enough to meet your needs.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of approximately 19.00 cm in length, 18.00 cm in width, and 23.00 cm in height. The handle diameter is approximately 2.50 cm, providing a comfortable grip during exercises.

Weight Tolerance: The kettlebell has a weight tolerance of about +/- 5%, ensuring that you receive a reliable and consistent resistance during your workouts.

Camouflage Design: The kettlebell's cotton fabric covering features a camouflage style, adding a touch of ruggedness to your fitness equipment collection.

Composition: It's constructed with a combination of materials, including iron for the core weight, a polyester fabric cover, and sand as the filling material. This composition ensures durability, comfort, and safety in use.

The Sveltus Soft Kettlebell, weighing 6 kg, is a versatile and practical fitness tool that allows you to work on your strength and endurance effectively. Its unique combination of flexibility, floor-friendliness, and a stylish design makes it an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're performing swings, squats, lunges, or other kettlebell exercises, this kettlebell is ready to support your fitness journey both indoors and outdoors.

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