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The Sveltus Power Band Handles are designed to enhance your workout experience with resistance bands, promoting a secure grip and respecting your body's biomechanics. These handles significantly increase the tension and effectiveness of your exercises. Here are the key details about this fitness accessory:

Enhanced Grip: The Power Band Handles are built to provide you with a firm and comfortable grip when using resistance bands. This ensures that you can maintain control during your workouts, reducing the risk of slipping or discomfort.

Biomechanics-Friendly: These handles are designed with the body's natural biomechanics in mind. This means that when you use them with resistance bands, they work in harmony with your body's movements, optimizing the effectiveness of your exercises.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: The handles measure approximately 18 cm in length and 16.5 cm in width.
  • Handle Diameter: Each handle has a diameter of approximately 2.50 cm, providing a comfortable grip that accommodates most hand sizes.
  • Weight: The handles have a combined weight of approximately 0.65 kg, making them lightweight and easy to incorporate into your workout routine.
  • Composition: Crafted from durable steel, these handles are built to withstand the rigors of regular use.

The Sveltus Power Band Handles are a valuable addition to your resistance band workouts. They offer an ergonomic design that not only enhances your grip but also ensures that you're getting the most out of your exercises. These handles are suitable for individuals of various fitness levels and can help you achieve your strength and fitness goals effectively and comfortably.

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