O'Live Elastic Resistance Tube

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O'Live Fitness Resistance Tube - Versatile Strength Training

The O'Live Fitness Resistance Tube is a versatile and effective tool for strength training, rehabilitation, and functional fitness exercises. Made in Spain. Made with high-quality 100% natural rubber, this resistance tube offers durability and flexibility to support a wide range of workouts.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Natural Rubber: This resistance tube is constructed from premium natural rubber, providing excellent elasticity and durability. It can withstand the rigors of regular use and stretching exercises.

  • Ergonomic Hand Grip: The resistance tube is designed with a slightly flexible, breathable, and ergonomic hand grip. This grip ensures comfort during your workouts, allowing you to maintain a secure hold while exercising.

  • Partial Nylon Cover: For added protection and versatility, the resistance tube features a partial nylon cover. This cover allows you to use the tube with shoes, making it suitable for a variety of exercises and training surfaces.

  • Multiple Resistance Levels: The O'Live Fitness Resistance Tube offers four levels of resistance, each indicated by a different color. This color-coded system makes it easy to select the appropriate resistance level for your workout intensity and progression.

  • Length and Handles: Each resistance tube has a length of 1.22 meters (approximately 4 feet), including the handles. This length provides ample room for various exercises and stretching routines.

Resistance Levels and Colors:

  1. Light Resistance: Yellow
  2. Medium Resistance: Green
  3. Heavy Resistance: Red
  4. Extra Heavy Resistance: Blue

The O'Live Fitness Resistance Tube is a valuable addition to your fitness equipment, whether you're looking to build strength, recover from an injury, or enhance your functional fitness. Its high-quality construction, ergonomic design, and multiple resistance levels make it suitable for users of all fitness levels. Incorporate it into your workout routine to add resistance and variety to your exercises.

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