Nivia G-2020 Rubber Volleyball - Size 4

NiviaSKU: VB-2020

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The Nivia G-2020 Rubber Volleyball is a high-quality volleyball suitable for various conditions. It is ideal for training and matches. Here are the key features:

Size: The volleyball is a size 4, which is suitable for players of different ages and skill levels.

Material: The volleyball features a PU (Polyurethane) cover, which provides durability and a soft touch. The premium microfiber composite cover is waterproof and has reduced moisture absorption.

Core/Bladder Material: The core and bladder of the volleyball are made of Butyl, ensuring excellent air retention and consistent performance.

Construction Type: The volleyball is machine-stitched, offering reliable stitching and durability.

Number of Panels: It has 18 panels, which contribute to its stability and flight characteristics.

The Nivia G-2020 Rubber Volleyball is designed to deliver optimal performance and durability during training and matches. With its premium microfiber composite cover, machine-stitched construction, and Butyl bladder, it offers a reliable and enjoyable playing experience.

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