Matrix Weight Rack - G1 Series

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The Matrix Weight Rack - G1 Series is designed to offer a balance of affordability, functionality, and durability for fitness facilities that prioritize value without compromising on quality. Here are the key features of this weight rack:


  1. 6 Peg Weight Rack: This weight rack is equipped with six pegs, providing ample space for neatly storing weight plates. The design allows for easy organization and accessibility during workouts.

  2. Durable Construction: Constructed with a sturdy steel frame, this weight rack is built to withstand the demands of commercial gym environments. The durable materials ensure long-term reliability, even with heavy and frequent use.

  3. Rubber Feet: The weight rack is outfitted with rubber feet, which serve multiple purposes. They provide stability and prevent the rack from sliding or scratching the floor, ensuring a safe and secure workout environment.

  4. Commercial-Grade Quality: Designed with the needs of commercial facilities in mind, the Matrix Weight Rack - G1 Series meets the rigorous standards of professional gyms. Its robust construction and functional design make it suitable for high-traffic fitness centers.

The Matrix Weight Rack - G1 Series is an essential addition to any commercial facility seeking a reliable and space-saving solution for weight plate storage. Its durable construction, ample storage capacity, and sleek design make it a practical choice for gyms looking to optimize their equipment setup while providing a convenient storage solution for members.

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