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Experience limitless training possibilities with the Handy Gym Pro, the ultimate compact portable gym. Designed for professionals, this comprehensive option allows you to customize the intensity of each routine with its wide range of resistance options.

Key Features:

Easy to Transport: With its lightweight and compact design, the Handy Gym Pro is incredibly easy to transport, enabling you to take your gym wherever you go.

Adjustable Resistance: This versatile gym offers dynamic resistance that adjusts to your strength level. With the included red discs, you can adjust the resistance from 0 to 50kg/110lb. Additionally, the double pulley accessory allows for resistance up to 100kg/220lb.

Versatility: Whether you want to target your upper body, lower body, or core, the Handy Gym Pro allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises.

Powerful Performance: Benefit from inertial resistance in both the concentric and eccentric phases of your workouts, providing a challenging and effective training experience.

Ergonomic Grip: Enjoy a comfortable grip and secure fastening with the Handy Gym Pro's ergonomic grips and accessories.

Adjustable Range of Motion: Tailor your exercises to your specific needs with the rope regulator, allowing you to adapt the distance and range of motion for each exercise.

Manageability: The Handy Gym Pro includes anchor accessories that enable you to work in multiple circumstances, whether indoors or outdoors.

Compatibility: Expand your training options by combining the Handy Gym Pro with accessories from other Handy Gym packs.

Take your fitness journey to the next level with the Handy Gym Pro. Its portability, versatility, and adjustable resistance make it a powerful tool for achieving your fitness goals, anytime and anywhere.


  • Base machine WITH ELECTRONICS + Handgrip.
  • Yellow discs + Blue discs + Red discs.
  • Double pulley.
  • Door anchor.
  • Loop strap.
  • x2 Multipurpose handle.
  • Ankle strap.
  • x2 Wall mounting plate.
  • Rack mounting plate.
  • Belt.
  • Platform.
  • Sack.
  • Backpack.

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