Fila Skates Inline Skates NRK - Pro Black

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Size: UK 7.5
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The Fila Skates Inline Skates NRK-Pro Black are designed to provide high-performance and comfort for skaters. Here are the key features of these inline skates:

Chassis: The skates feature an extruded 6000 series aluminum frame with 2 arches. This chassis design offers a lowered profile for improved stability and a lightweight construction for enhanced agility. The frame has a length of 243mm and provides forward-back and lateral adjustment options, allowing skaters to customize their skating experience.

Shell: The skates have a PU shell with an Extreme Slider, providing durability and support. The shell construction offers protection and stability during intense skating activities.

Instep Band: The skates feature a micro-adjustable aluminum buckle on the instep band. This buckle allows for a secure and personalized fit, ensuring the skates stay comfortably in place during use.

Closure: The skates are equipped with a micrometrical buckle on the 45° position, providing additional support and a precise fit. The closure system ensures the skates are securely fastened, allowing for better control and responsiveness.

Shoe Features: The skates have a sporty fit with preformed padding, offering a comfortable and anatomical feel. The preformed padding provides cushioning and support, reducing fatigue during skating sessions. The skates also feature a Heel Shock Absorber, which helps absorb impact and enhance comfort.

Wheels: The NRK-Pro Black skates come with FILA Urban 80mm/84A wheels. These wheels offer a balance of speed and grip, making them suitable for urban and fitness skating.

Bearings: The skates are equipped with ABEC 7 bearings, known for their smooth and efficient rolling. The high-quality bearings contribute to a faster and more enjoyable skating experience.

Hardware: The skates feature 8mm race axles and aluminum spacers, providing durability and optimal performance. However, it's important to note that these skates do not come with a brake in the box.

Comfort: The skates have a comfortable and anatomical liner, ensuring a snug and supportive fit. The liner enhances overall comfort and reduces friction, allowing for longer skating sessions without discomfort.

Customizable: The skates offer the possibility of customization with available accessories. Skaters can personalize their skates with additional accessories to suit their style and preferences.

Protection: The skates feature a lateral protective slider, providing added protection against impacts and abrasions during skating.

Stability: The skates have a full composite cuff and shell, offering stability and support. This construction ensures better control and responsiveness while skating.

Size Range: The NRK-Pro Black skates are available in a size range of 4 to 12 UK or 5 to 13 US, accommodating a variety of foot sizes.

The Fila Skates Inline Skates NRK-Pro Black are designed for high-performance skating and offer customization options for a personalized experience. With their durable construction, comfortable fit, and advanced features, these inline skates provide a thrilling and enjoyable skating experience for skaters of different skill levels.

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