Fila Skates Inline Skates Houdini - Black/Grey/Lime

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The Houdini Inline skate by FILA Skates is indeed designed to provide a combination of performance and style for intense skating activities. Here are the key features of the Houdini skate:

Chassis: The skate features an Aluminum 6000 chassis, which offers durability and stability. The aluminum construction ensures the chassis can withstand the demands of intense skating sessions.

Pad Printing: Graphics and design elements are applied to the skate through pad printing. This method ensures a high-quality finish and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the skate.

Lateral Adjustment: The Houdini skate allows for lateral adjustment, enabling skaters to customize the position of the skate for a personalized and comfortable fit. This feature enhances performance and control during intense skating activities.

Shell: The skate's shell is made of PU (Polyurethane), a strong and supportive material that provides stability and durability. The PU construction helps maintain the shape of the skate and offers reliable support during dynamic movements.

Cuff: The skate features a strong, high-cut cuff design that provides enhanced ankle support. This design feature helps stabilize the ankle and provides additional protection during intense skating sessions.

Closure: The Houdini skate is equipped with a lever, laces, and instep band for a secure and adjustable fit. The combination of these closure systems ensures the skate can be comfortably secured to the foot, allowing for precise control and stability.

Shoe Features: The skate offers a sporty fit with preformed padding, which provides comfort and anatomical support. The preformed padding helps cushion the foot and offers a snug fit, reducing the risk of discomfort and fatigue during intense skating activities. Additionally, the skate includes a Heel Shock Absorber feature, which helps absorb impact and provide cushioning for the heel.

Wheels: The Houdini skate is equipped with Fila 80mm/83A wheels, offering a balance of speed and grip. These wheels are designed to provide a smooth and controlled skating experience, making them suitable for fast-paced and dynamic skating activities.

Bearings: The skate features ABEC 7 bearings, which provide smooth and efficient rolling. The high-quality bearings contribute to a smooth glide and enhanced performance on the wheels.

Hardware: The Houdini skate utilizes metal axles and aluminum spacers for durability and performance. These components ensure reliable and long-lasting performance, even during intense skating sessions.

Set Up Option: The skate offers a set-up option between 4x80mm wheels or 3x90mm wheels, allowing skaters to choose the configuration that suits their skating preferences. This flexibility enables skaters to adapt the skate to different types of skating activities and terrain.

The Houdini Inline skate is designed for fast, dynamic skating experiences, making it suitable for hard fitness activities, urban skating, and intense training sessions. With its combination of comfort, support, and versatility, the Houdini skate allows skaters to enjoy exhilarating moments on the wheels while maintaining control and performance.

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