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Has going to the gym been a hassle for you? You know staying fit is extremely important, but just the thought of going to the Gym makes you tired. 

After a long and tiring day at work, you don’t even have the time or energy to commute.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can still stay fit WITHOUT stepping out of your home.

Continue reading for 5 beginner exercises that you can do at home and how you can level up each one using EASY-to-store fitness accessories to challenge your muscles for better results 

Push ups

Push-ups are a very effective exercise to include in your workout routine as they workout out your arms, chest and shoulder muscles

Executing push ups from the ground is great for beginners, but doing them without using proper equipment can eventually make your wrists weak over time and may cause injuries.

Using a Push up bar for your push-ups makes them harder to do so you can improve your performance, and get faster results without the risk of getting injured.

Get your Pro Sports Push Up Bars today to get the most out of each push up.



Another simple exercise to add in your routine is skipping. It helps build stamina, improves lung capacity, tones leg muscles and strengthens the lower body. It also helps to boost metabolism if weight loss is one of your fitness goals.

Once you move out of the beginner phase of skipping, it is a great idea to invest in a weighted skipping rope. 

The Sveltus Premium Beast Skipping Rope is the perfect fit. It requires more effort, but it also burns more calories, boosts your endurance and improves balance when used on a regular basis.

Bodyweight exercises

Exercises using bodyweight like lunges and leg raises improve your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength.

Strap on a pair of Sveltus Ankle & Wrist Weights and increase the intensity of your bodyweight workout. It will also strengthen and tone your muscles.

Pull ups

Are you looking to strengthen your back muscles, shoulder muscles, and arm muscles?

Pull-ups are the exercise to achieve that kind of strength. They also help improve grip strength and improve overall body strength. 

The Customized Mounted Pull up Bar fits perfectly on your wall which allows you do chin ups, muscle ups, and many other variations of pull ups 


Engage all your core muscles with this exercise.

It helps with improving your walking stamina, climbing stairs and even your workout performance as it improves flexibility.

Add resistance to your squats to make it more challenging for your muscles. it helps to get quicker results. 

You can add resistance by holding a kettlebell while squatting.

Select your kettlebell from our wide variety of collection of different brands.


There you have 5 exercises that you can do from home and level it up using simple fitness accessories. You know exactly what accessories to use for each exercise. All you have to do is block at least 30 minutes a day for a workout session and you’re good. 

Need more fitness equipment to crush your workout?

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