ZIVA Olympic Bar Landing Pad

ZivaSKU: ZFT-OBLP-7843

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The ZIVA Olympic Bar Landing Pad is a valuable addition to any gym, whether it's a full commercial fitness facility or for home use. It not only protects your Olympic bars and gym flooring but also contributes to a quieter and more enjoyable workout environment.


  • Pads designed to absorb loaded Olympic bars dropped from a height: The ZIVA Olympic Bar Landing Pad is engineered to provide a cushioned landing surface for Olympic bars that are dropped from a height. This feature is especially valuable for weightlifting and powerlifting exercises where athletes may need to drop the bar after lifting heavy loads.

  • Air release ports: Equipped with air release ports, this landing pad efficiently dissipates impact forces, reducing the risk of damage to both the bar and the gym floor. It also ensures that the landing pad maintains its shape and performance over time.

  • Noise reduction for upper floor gyms: For gyms located in upper floors or shared spaces where noise control is essential, the ZIVA Olympic Bar Landing Pad helps dampen the sound generated when weights are dropped. This noise reduction feature creates a more pleasant workout environment and minimizes disturbances to others in the vicinity.


  • Weight: 20.00 kgs
  • Full Commercial: Yes
  • Home Use: Yes

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