O'live Sand Disc - 4 kg

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The O'LIVE Sand Disc is a fitness training tool designed for strengthening core muscles and enhancing overall fitness. Made in Spain. Here's a description of its key features:


  1. Durable Neoprene Construction: The O'LIVE Sand Disc is constructed from durable and flexible neoprene. Neoprene is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear, making it a suitable material for a fitness accessory designed to withstand regular use.

  2. Weighted Sand Core: This sand disc is weighted with a 10kg sand core. The added weight provides resistance during exercises, making it an effective tool for building core strength and engaging various muscle groups during workouts.

  3. Contoured Design for Grip: The sand disc features a contoured design that facilitates a secure grip. The contours are ergonomically shaped to ensure a comfortable and non-slip hold, allowing users to maintain control during exercises.

  4. Core Muscle Strengthening: The O'LIVE Sand Disc is primarily designed to strengthen core muscles. Core strength is essential for overall stability, posture, and body balance. Using this training tool can help users target and develop their core muscle groups effectively.

  5. Versatile Fitness Tool: While core strengthening is a primary focus, the O'LIVE Sand Disc can also be used for various other fitness exercises to engage different muscle groups and provide a comprehensive workout experience.

In summary, the O'LIVE Sand Disc is a durable and flexible fitness training tool with a weighted sand core, ideal for core muscle strengthening and enhancing overall fitness. Its contoured design ensures a secure grip during exercises, making it a versatile tool suitable for various workout routines and fitness levels.

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