O'Live Fitness Medicine Ball - 1 kg

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The O'Live Medicine Ball is a fitness equipment designed for various strength and conditioning exercises. Made in Spain. Here are the key features and characteristics of the O'Live Medicine Ball:


  • Material: The O'Live Medicine Ball is made of rubber, which provides durability and a firm grip.

  • Diameter of 1 kg Medicine Ball: 17 cm
  • Innovative Design: This medicine ball incorporates an innovative design with a grooved surface. The grooved surface enhances grip, making it easier for users to hold the ball securely during exercises.

  • Usage Note: It's important to note that the O'Live Medicine Ball is not suitable for throwing and bouncing against the ground. Such usage can damage or break the equipment. Therefore, it is intended for exercises where the ball is lifted, carried, or passed between users but not for activities where it is forcefully thrown against the ground or wall.

The O'Live Medicine Ball is a versatile fitness tool commonly used for exercises like squats, lunges, twists, Russian twists, sit-ups, and partner passes. Its durable construction and enhanced grip make it a valuable addition to strength and conditioning routines, but users should be mindful of its intended use to prevent damage to the equipment.

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