O'Live Fitness Ball - 75 cm

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The O'Live Fitness Ball is a fitness equipment designed for various exercises, including strength training, flexibility, balance, and rehabilitation. Made in Spain. Here are the key features and characteristics of the O'Live Fitness Ball:


  • Material: The O'Live Fitness Ball is manufactured using Flexton silpower® exclusive material, which includes patented technology to enhance safety. This material is known for its durability and strength.

  • Safety: The safety factor of the O'Live Fitness Ball is reinforced, making it a reliable choice for various exercises and users.

  • Surface: These fitness balls have an attractive appearance and offer a soft and velvety surface. This surface texture can enhance comfort during exercises.

  • Latex and DOP-DEHP Free: The O'Live Fitness Ball is free from latex and DOP-DEHP, making it suitable for individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities. This feature adds to its safety and accessibility.

  • Manufacturing: These fitness balls are manufactured in Europe and come with CE (Conformité Européene) and medical certifications, indicating compliance with European safety and quality standards.

  • Weight Load: The O'Live Fitness Ball is designed to withstand a maximum weight load of 400 kg (approximately 881 lbs). This high weight capacity allows for a wide range of exercises and users of varying sizes and fitness levels.

O'Live Fitness Balls are commonly used for exercises like stability ball exercises, yoga, Pilates, and physical therapy. Their durability, safety features, and high weight capacity make them a versatile and reliable fitness tool for individuals seeking to improve their strength, balance, and flexibility.

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