O’live Bands, Tubes, Jump Ropes Rack

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The O'Live Tubes/Jump Ropes Rack is designed to conveniently store resistance tubes or jump ropes. It offers an organized solution for keeping your fitness equipment in one place. Made in Spain. Here are the key details:


  • Storage for Resistance Tubes and Jump Ropes: This rack is specifically designed for storing resistance tubes and jump ropes, making it a useful addition to your fitness or training area. It helps keep your workout space tidy and ensures that your equipment is easily accessible.

Technical Information:

  • Capacity: The O'Live Tubes/Ropes Rack has a capacity to store up to 80 units of resistance tubes or jump ropes. This capacity allows you to organize a significant number of these fitness accessories, making it a practical storage solution for fitness facilities, gyms, or home workout spaces.

The O'Live Tubes/Ropes Rack is a valuable accessory for maintaining a well-organized fitness area. It ensures that your resistance tubes and jump ropes are readily available and neatly stored, promoting an efficient and clutter-free workout space. Please note that the rack does not include the actual resistance tubes or jump ropes; it's designed for storage purposes.

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