O’live Fitness Battle Rope - 9 m

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The O'LIVE Battle Rope with Nylon Cover is a fitness training tool designed for strength and conditioning exercises. Made in Spain. Here's a description of its key features:


  1. 38mm Polyester Rope: The O'LIVE Battle Rope is constructed from a 38mm thick polyester rope. Polyester is a durable and resistant material that can withstand the rigors of battle rope workouts. This thickness provides the necessary strength for effective training.

  2. Nylon Cover: The rope features a nylon cover. Nylon is known for its durability and abrasion resistance, making it suitable for protecting the rope and ensuring a longer lifespan, especially during high-intensity workouts.

  3. Rubber Finish Handles: The ends of the battle rope are equipped with rubber finish handles. These handles serve multiple purposes:

    • Preventing Fraying: The rubber finish helps prevent the rope from fraying at the ends, maintaining its integrity and longevity.
    • Comfort: The handles provide a comfortable grip, ensuring that users can hold onto the rope securely during exercises.
    • Grip: The handles offer a secure grip, even when the user's hands may get sweaty during intense workouts.

The O'LIVE Battle Rope with Nylon Cover is a versatile fitness tool suitable for strength and conditioning workouts. The combination of polyester and nylon materials, along with the rubber finish handles, ensures durability, comfort, and a reliable grip during battle rope exercises.

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