Matrix G1 Adjustable Incline Bench

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The Matrix G1 Adjustable Incline Bench is a versatile piece of fitness equipment designed to support a variety of exercises. Here are the key features and technical specifications:

Key Features:

  • Warranty - 6 months on Upholstery and 1 Year on Frame
  • Adjustable Incline: This bench easily adjusts to six different positions, ranging from a flat 0-degree angle to a steep 75-degree incline. This versatility allows users to perform a wide range of exercises at various angles, targeting different muscle groups.
  • Fixed Seat Pad: The seat pad of this bench is fixed at a 15-degree angle, providing a comfortable and supportive position during workouts.

  • Integrated Wheels: For convenience, the bench is equipped with integrated wheels that make it easy to transport around your fitness facility. You can quickly move it to different workout areas as needed.

Tech Specs:

  • Total Weight: The bench itself has a total weight of 90 pounds (approximately 41 kilograms), ensuring stability during exercises while remaining manageable for transport.

  • Overall Dimensions: The bench's overall dimensions are 61 inches in length (L) x 24 inches in width (W) x 19 inches in height (H), providing a suitable workout platform.

The Matrix G1 Adjustable Incline Bench is a valuable addition to any gym or fitness facility, offering flexibility in exercise angles and comfortable support. Its easy adjustability and mobility make it a practical choice for strength training and a variety of other exercises.


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