Matrix G1 10-pair Dumbbells Rack

MatrixSKU: G1-FW159_9

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The Matrix G1 10-Pair Dumbbells Rack is designed to optimize storage space, improve organization, and enhance user comfort and safety during weightlifting sessions. Its durable construction and thoughtful design features make it an ideal addition to any gym or fitness facility.

Features & Benefits:

  • Storage Capacity: Provides storage space for 10 pairs of dumbbells, allowing for convenient organization and accessibility.

  • Individual Cradles: Each dumbbell has its own cradle, improving the racking process by providing a designated spot for each pair of dumbbells. This helps maintain order and prevents clutter.

  • Offset Angle Design: The offset angle of the cradles prevents wrist strain when removing and replacing dumbbells, ensuring user comfort and safety during workouts.

  • Improved Safety: Individual dumbbell cradles not only enhance storage organization but also contribute to safety by securely holding each dumbbell in place, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

  • Dimensions: The rack has dimensions of 244 x 66 x 73cm, offering a compact yet spacious storage solution for dumbbells.

  • Optional Configuration: Additionally, an alternative option is available in the form of a 5-pair dumbbell rack (G1-FW158), which provides a single-tier storage solution for smaller collections of dumbbells.

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