Manduka Go Play 3.0 Yoga Mat Carrier

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The GO Play yoga mat carrier from Manduka is designed to provide convenience and accessibility for yogis on the go. Here are the features and care instructions for the carrier:


  • 35 cm Shoulder Strap: The GO Play yoga mat carrier comes with a 35 cm shoulder strap, allowing you to comfortably carry your mat.
  • External Storage Pockets: It features a 20 cm x 30 cm pocket, providing external storage for your personal essentials such as keys, phone, or wallet.
  • Quick-Release Buckles: The carrier is equipped with quick-release buckles, offering easy and optimal accessibility.
  • Mid-Sized Storage Zip Pocket: It includes a mid-sized storage zip pocket where you can securely store your valuables.
  • Weather and Water Resistant: The outer fabric of the carrier is designed to be weather and water-resistant, protecting your mat and belongings.

Use & Care:

  • Cleaning Instructions: Spot clean the carrier when necessary to maintain its cleanliness and condition. Avoid storing wet items in the carrier to prevent color transfer, particularly on lighter mats.

Crafted in Vietnam, the GO Play yoga mat carrier combines the functionality of a lightweight mat sling with external storage pockets for your personal essentials. Its adjustable shoulder strap, quick-release buckles, and zip pocket make it easy to carry and access your belongings. Remember to follow the care instructions to keep the carrier in good shape. Please note that the yoga mat is not included with the carrier.


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