LivePro Fabric Power Loop Band - Heavy

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The Fabric Loop Band from Livepro is a versatile and high-quality fitness accessory designed for effective upper and lower body training. Made from sturdy and environmentally friendly cotton polyester stretch fabric, these bands are latex-free, non-slip, and have no latex odor. With their non-slip elasticity and reinforced stitching, they offer durability and reliability during workouts.

Key Features:

  1. Multifunctional Training: The Fabric Loop Bands are suitable for a wide range of upper and lower body resistance training exercises. They are particularly effective for lateral footwork, leg extensions, and shoulder stabilization exercises. When used in conjunction with other exercises, these bands activate the core and major muscles in the hip and shoulder areas, improving efficiency and stability.

  2. Three Different Resistances: The bands come in three different intensity levels - light, medium, and heavy. This variety allows you to adjust the resistance and intensity of your workouts, effectively targeting and challenging different muscle groups.

  3. Easy to Carry: These bands are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and store. They can be conveniently placed in a backpack or luggage, enabling you to use them in various settings such as the office, home, while traveling, or at the gym.

  4. High-Quality Cotton: The resistance bands are crafted from high-quality cotton polyester elastic fabric material, ensuring a comfortable and non-slip grip. The absence of latex makes them suitable for individuals with latex sensitivities. The bands feature non-slip silicone strips on the back, providing additional stability and preventing them from rolling up during exercises.

The Livepro Fabric Loop Bands offer high-quality construction, versatile training options, and portability. Whether you are looking to enhance your strength, rehabilitate from an injury, or perform specific exercises, these bands provide a reliable and effective solution for your fitness needs.

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