Joma Stadium Power Padel Racket

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The Joma Stadium Power Padel Racket is designed to help players generate maximum power in their shots.


  • Range: High
  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Core: EVA
  • Face: 12k carbon fibre
  • Frame: 100% carbon fibre
  • Weight: 360-370 g
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Control: 40 %
  • Power: 60 %
  • Balance: high

Here are the characteristics of the racket:

Range: The Stadium Power is categorized as a high-range racket, indicating its advanced features and performance capabilities.

Shape: The racket features a teardrop shape, which creates a lever effect. This design allows players to inject maximum energy into each shot, resulting in powerful strikes that will challenge opponents to receive them.

Core: The core of the racket is built with EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) PRO technology. EVA PRO is a high-recovery rubber that aids in control while developing maximum power in shots. This combination of materials helps players maintain a controlled power in their strikes.

Face: The outer layer of the racket is made of 12k carbon fiber. The 12k carbon fiber construction consists of 12,000 interwoven carbon filaments, which provides a robust racket with additional power. The use of 12k carbon fiber enhances the racket's durability and contributes to the generation of powerful shots.

Frame: The racket's frame is constructed with 100% carbon fiber, known for its strength and stiffness. This carbon fiber frame offers stability and durability to the racket.

Weight: The weight of the racket ranges from 360 to 370 grams. This weight range provides a balanced combination of maneuverability and power for players.

Thickness: The racket has a thickness of 38 mm, indicating the width of the frame. The thicker frame can add extra power to shots.

Control and Power: The Stadium Power racket offers a balance between control and power, with a control rating of 40% and a power rating of 60%. This allows players to generate significant power in their shots while maintaining a level of control.

Balance: The racket has a high balance point, meaning the majority of the racket's weight is distributed towards the head. This balance configuration favors power in shots.

The Joma Stadium Power Padel Racket is designed for advanced players seeking a racket that maximizes power in their shots. With its teardrop shape, 12k carbon fiber face, EVA PRO core, and carbon fiber frame, this racket enables players to unleash their maximum power while maintaining control and precision on the padel court.

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