Joma Radon Padel Racket

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The Joma Radon Padel Racket is specifically designed for professional players who seek a balance between control and power.

  • Range: High professional
  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Core: BLACK EVA
  • Face: 3k carbon fiber
  • Frame: 100% carbon fiber
  • Weight: 350-365 g
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Control: 40%
  • Power: 60 %
  • Balance: Medium


  • Durability: The racket is designed with a finish applied to the fabric to prevent rapid deterioration of the fiber and colors. This increases the useful life of the racket, ensuring the durability of the material.

  • Carbon 3k: The outer layer of the racket is made of 3k carbon fibers, consisting of 3,000 intertwined carbon filaments. This construction creates a resistant racket with extra control in every shot.

  • Eva Pro: The core of the racket is made of multiple Eva layers, each adapted to the specific characteristics of the racket. This design allows for greater power in high-powered shots due to the stiffer outer layers, while the inner layers provide comfort in slower strokes.

  • Power Action: The quality resins used in the racket's construction ensure maximum reaction and responsiveness of the materials in each shot, enhancing the power generated.

  • Tubular Tech: All Joma rackets are manufactured with double tubular carbon fabrics coated with resins, providing maximum durability and stiffness throughout the face of the racket.

The Joma Radon Padel Racket offers professional players a well-balanced racket with control, power, and durability. Its teardrop shape, BLACK EVA core, 3k carbon fiber face, and carbon fiber frame contribute to a high-performance playing experience on the padel court.

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