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The Horizon Peak Trainer is designed to help you reach your fitness peak by engaging more muscles and burning more calories in shorter 20-minute workouts. It offers a low-impact, high-intensity exercise experience that is effective and efficient. Here are the key features and specifications:

Key Features:

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Sprint 8 HIIT Program: The integrated Sprint 8 High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program is designed to trim up to 27% body fat, providing maximum results in minimal time.

  • Low-Impact, High-Intensity: The Peak Trainer delivers low-impact workouts that maximize calorie burn and improve muscle tone. It offers a more efficient workout compared to traditional cardio exercises.

  • Incline Stepping Motion: The unique incline stepping motion replicates real hiking, making your workouts feel like outdoor adventures while burning more calories than traditional ellipticals.

  • Engaging Arms: Ideally positioned arms engage the upper body and core, providing a full-body workout experience.

  • Wheel- and Track-Free Suspension: The suspension design reduces friction, noise, and wear, ensuring a smooth and quiet workout.

  • High-Quality Components: The Peak Trainer is built with high-quality components for lasting durability.

  • Compact Footprint: It has a compact footprint that fits comfortably in your home, making it a space-efficient alternative to larger treadmills and ellipticals.


  • Frame Type: Peak Trainer
  • Flywheel: 0 lb.
  • Stride Length (inches): 12" Vertical
  • Incline Range: 12"
  • Resistance Range: 10 Levels ECB (Eddy Current Brake) & fan resistance
  • Step on Height (inches): 10"
  • Extras: Heart Rate Grips, In-reach Resistance Controls, Tablet Rack, Water Bottle Holder
  • Johnson Exclusive Technologies: Sprint 8® program
  • Electrical Requirements: 110-120 volt
  • Weight: 155 lbs.
  • Active Footprint: 47” x 28” x 66”
  • Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H): 46.5" × 28" × 66"
  • Folded Dimensions (L x W x H): NA
  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs.

Console Specifications:

  • Bluetooth Enabled: No
  • Speakers: Yes
  • USB Port: Yes
  • Display: 5.5" LCD track display + 3 LED windows
  • Programs: 5 Total Programs Including Calorie, Weight Loss, Distance, Manual, Sprint 8
  • Workout Feedback: Calories, Distance, Heart Rate, Resistance Level, RPM, Time

The Horizon Peak Trainer offers a challenging and effective workout experience with its unique design and Sprint 8 HIIT program, making it an excellent choice for those looking to achieve their fitness goals efficiently.

About Horizon Fitness
Horizon provides home fitness equipment designed to help people around the world reach their healthy goals, whether they are just getting started down the path to wellness or training for their next big event.

As part of Johnson Health Tech, a worldwide leader in the fitness industry, Horizon has been designing exercise equipment for more than 45 years. With subsidiaries in 32 countries and distributors around the globe, count on thier independent dealer network and Johnson Fitness & Wellness stores to help you find the right equipment for your fitness goals.

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