Fila Skates FP Protection Gear Junior Boy - Black/Red

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Size: XXS
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The FILA Skates FP junior protection accessories offer top-notch safety features for young skaters:

  • Asymmetrical ABS protective shells: The specially designed protective shells mimic the shape of joints, providing optimal coverage and protection against impacts.
  • Ventilation holes: The shells are equipped with ventilation holes, allowing airflow to keep the wearer comfortable during physical activity.
  • Wrist guard with plastic inserts: The wrist guards have plastic inserts on the back of the hands and wrists, offering extra protection against wrist hyperextension in case of a fall.
  • Comfortable fabric pads: The pads are made from a comfortable and snug-fitting fabric, ensuring a pleasant experience while wearing them.
  • Secure fit with elastic Velcro straps and rear elastic sock: The elastic Velcro straps and rear elastic sock guarantee that the protection accessories stay in place securely and can be adjusted perfectly for individual comfort.

By prioritizing safety and incorporating these features, FILA Skates FP junior protection accessories aim to provide young skaters with excellent joint protection and peace of mind during their skating activities.

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