Fila Skates Roller Skates Gift - Black

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Size: 41
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The Fila Skates Roller Skates Gift offer the following features:

Chassis: These roller skates have a composite chassis, which provides a balance of durability and flexibility. The composite material offers a lightweight construction that contributes to a comfortable skating experience.

Closure: The skates feature a traditional laces closure system. Laces allow for a customizable and secure fit, ensuring that the skates stay in place during skating sessions.

Shoe Features: The roller skates have a soft and comfortable structure with a reinforced synthetic outer material. This construction provides support and durability while maintaining a comfortable fit. The reinforced synthetic outer enhances the skates' longevity and resistance to wear.

Wheels: These skates are equipped with Fila 58mm x 32mm/80A casted PU wheels. The 58mm size provides maneuverability, while the 80A durometer offers a good balance between grip and roll. These wheels are suitable for indoor and outdoor skating, providing versatility for different surfaces.

Bearings: The skates feature ABEC 7 bearings, which provide a smooth and efficient rolling experience. ABEC 7 bearings offer a higher level of precision and performance compared to lower-rated bearings, allowing for faster and smoother skating.

Truck: The trucks of these roller skates are made of aluminum, providing durability and stability for enhanced control during skating.

Brake: The brake is made of injected PU, which offers reliable stopping power and durability. The brake is designed to provide effective stopping and control when needed.

Cushion: The skates feature casted PU cushions, which contribute to a smooth and responsive ride. These cushions help absorb shocks and vibrations, providing enhanced comfort and maneuverability.

Size Range: The Gift roller skates are available in sizes 36-45, offered in full sizes only. This size range accommodates a wide range of foot sizes.

Lining: The roller skates have a synthetic fabric lining with anatomical ankle padding. The lining enhances comfort, providing a cushioned and secure fit around the ankles.

The Fila Skates Roller Skates Gift are designed to offer a comfortable and enjoyable roller skating experience. With their stylish design and features such as the composite chassis, laces closure, and soft structure, these skates provide a combination of comfort, durability, and maneuverability for skaters of various skill levels.

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