Fila Skates Inline Skates Houdini Evo - Black/White

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Size: UK 7.5
Sale price102.000 KD


The Houdini Evo Inline skate by FILA Skates is a high-performance skate designed to provide both style and functionality. Here are the key features of the skate:

Chassis: The skate features an aluminum 6000 chassis, known for its durability and stability. This chassis provides a solid base for improved performance.

Pad Printing: The graphics and design elements on the skate are applied using pad printing, ensuring a visually appealing and long-lasting finish.

Lateral Adjustment: The skate offers lateral adjustment, allowing you to customize the position to suit your individual preferences and ensure a perfect fit.

Shell: The skate utilizes a PU (Polyurethane) shell construction, which offers strength and support for enhanced durability.

Cuff: The skate is equipped with a high-cut cuff design, providing excellent ankle support for increased stability and control during skating.

Closure: The skate features a combination of a lever, laces, and an instep band for a secure and adjustable fit. This allows you to customize the tightness and support according to your preferences.

Shoe Features: The skate offers a sporty fit and incorporates preformed padding for optimal comfort and support. The heel shock absorber helps cushion the impact during intense skating activities.

Wheels: The skate is equipped with Fila 84mm/85A wheels, which strike a balance between speed and grip. These wheels provide a smooth and controlled ride.

Bearings: The skate features ABEC 7 bearings, known for their high precision and smooth rolling, resulting in improved speed and performance.

Hardware: The skate's hardware includes metal axles and aluminum spacers, ensuring durability and optimal performance.

Set Up Option: The skate offers the flexibility to choose between 4x84mm wheels or 3x100mm wheels. This allows skaters to customize their setup based on their skating preferences and style.

Size Range: The Houdini Evo skate is available in sizes 4-12 UK or 5-13 US, catering to a wide range of foot sizes.

With its combination of performance-oriented features, style, and customization options, the Houdini Evo Inline skate is designed to deliver an exhilarating skating experience for skaters of all levels.

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